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Sala Comacina Map

The numbers refer to local dining options (see Dining tab for further details)
1  Taverna Bleu – Fine local cuisine lakeside with al fresco dining and accommodation available (Closed Tuesdays)
2  Ristorante La Comacina – Home-style local cuisine with balcony tables overlooking the lake
3  Bar Sport - Coffee and beverages
4  La Tirlindana – Creative cuisine by Patricia with tables set in Piazza Matteotti in season (closed Mondays)
5  Pro Loco – Meet the locals under the trees – Pizza and wine at tavern prices (closed 1 November – 30 April)
Locanda dell'Isola Comacina is located on the island (closed Tuesdays except in season)
Bar Romano – Your local Milani caffé, and wine merchant is located on Via S Rocco (closed Thursdays)
Note also the following services can be located by symbols on the Sala Map above
  • Blue Bus - C10 Bus stop (outside the Bakery)
  • Post Horn - Post Office (limited hours)
  • Coat of Arms - Town Hall
  • Greek Portico - Bank with Bankomat (ATM) (next to 2)
  • Imbarco per l'isola - Water-taxi pontile
Free Parking Locations
  • Piazza Puricelli by the church of St Bartolemeo, across Via Statale from Casa Matra Ponto
  • Additional parking is available above Pro Loco, and in the lower loop of the road on the RHS of the Sala Map above
The following map shows the main ferry routes on Lake Como, including connections to Sala Comacina and Isola Comacina.