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SOME ENCHANTED SHORE: Left: Villa del Balbianello, on Lake Como. Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale were both shot here.  Right, George Clooney enjoying a stroll in the lakeside town of Argegno. Main Photographs above by Giacomo Bretzel (left) and Annie Leibovitz (right).
Small images - Left:  A close-up view of George Clooney's Villa L'Oleandre as seen from Carato Urio.

Right: The villa, set in beautiful private grounds with their prominent pencil pines, as observed from the ferry route on Lake Como.

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Lake Como – A Celebrated Past

The town of Como with its superb natural setting has always had a dual identity, as a commercial centre on the one hand, and as a unique tourist destination on the other.  Discovered centuries ago the area around Lake Como was conquered by Julius Caesar in 49 BC to expand the Roman Empire across the Alps.  As a gateway, 'Larius' became an important centre of trade in olive oil, chestnuts, fish, and silk, where the lake's prosperity and unique climate also created a haven for life and retreat attracting the aristocracy and literati, notably Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC) who simply called it “Our greatest lake”.  Pliny the Elder was born in Como in AD 29, the author of 37 books on natural history while his nephew,Pliny the Younger, a poet, owned two villas on Lake Como, one called ‘Tragedy’ believed to be the site of the present-day Villa Serbelloni (private) on the hill above Bellagio, and the other on the lakeshore below called ‘Comedy’.  Much later onAlessandro Manzoni (1785-1873) would again make Lake Como famous with his book “I Promessi Sposi” The Betrothed, published in 1827.

Stendhal the French writer (1783 – 1842) described Lake Como as an "enchanting spot, unequalled on earth in its loveliness."

Alessandro Volta (1745–1827), is a son of Como and celebrated for his 1800 invention of the battery.

More recently Franz List often picnicked in the grounds of Villa Melzi and wrote to the author Louis de Ronchaud [List writes] in 1837: “When you write the story of the two lovers, place them on the shores of Lake Como.  I do not know of any land so conspicuously blessed by heaven.”  During this visit List also wrote his Dante Symphony (S.109), based on Dante’s journey through Hell and Purgatory, as depicted in ‘The Divine Comedy’.

Today’s international celebrities have included Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, British musician Sting, British entrepreneur Richard Branson, and American actor/director George Clooney.


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